Many pictures we take have the subject in front and center of the photo, because, hey- they’re the subject!! This approach works, but there are other creative ways to go about it.

The Rule of Thirds (ROT) is a basic composition rule, where a picture is divided into three horizontally and vertically (so three columns and three rows).  It is more pleasing to see the subject in one of the boxes created by the rule of thirds. You can also place the horizon on the upper or bottom line, or a point of interest (example: tree) or subject on one of the vertical lines, not just in the boxes.

So instead of putting the subject dead center, try putting them in the middle left, or top right!  Experiment with using the ROT guide to compose your next subject and see if you agree that it is more pleasing to the eye.

rule of thirds

tanner bday_0002


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I’ve been wanting to do family photos during the cherry blossoms at UW, but I always seem to miss it. Maybe that’s because the weather is usually pretty rainy & unpredictable? Well…the weather didn’t disappoint! We had checked the forecast & things were supposed to be okay until afternoon… It rained the ENTIRE shoot! The only dry moments we had were in the library (until they kicked us out). The Roark Family was determined to stick it out & everyone did great! The boys were good sports & only jumped in a few puddles:-)The cherry blossoms were out in full force along with everyone else. Rain doesn’t seem to keep people away? Go figure…

Thanks Roark Family for braving the weather! You can’t even see the rain in the photos:-)Enjoy!


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Photography is an art in which style changes quickly, and commonalities change frequently. It seems like the one constant in photography style is black and white- which is a way to remove the style and leave the moment. Many people refer to black and white as “timeless”, this is because when you take out the color of a photo, it takes your focus off of what the subject is wearing, the stylistic aspects of the photo, and can really help bring attention to the emotion and the feel of a picture, rather than details that will soon become irrelevant. Black and White pictures are an excellent choice for display in houses, because the beauty of them seem to last longer, and the importance of the picture seems to be boosted because the focus is on what matters. So the next time you want a picture that is already important to you to last longer-put it in black and white to create a memory that you can love even longer.


Metz 2014-12 bw

1976-dad & angie bw

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I remember meeting Gabe when he was in Elementary School…and now….Wow! He’s turned into quite the young man. Loves High School, has a plan for his future & seems to truly enjoy life, family & friends. So glad that I’ve gotten to see Gabe grow up over the years. Congratulations Gabe & best of luck in the next phase of your life:-)




And I always love to post one with Mom:-)

Gabe {Class of 2016}

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How often do we get our picture taken now, and in the technology-crazed world we live in let them sit on the computer? Don’t get me wrong, there are many great uses for them in the digital world, but having tangible copies of the ones you really connect with is an irreplaceable investment. It is also a great way to keep a backup of your photos. But this doesn’t only include prints to put into frames! There are so many different platforms we can have pictures on now- cell phone cases, calendars, mugs, canvases, books, magnets and more. Getting them onto these different mediums is extremely easy, there are so many companies out there that make cool products! I have a friend that created a photo book from her instagram & facebook photos. Very easy!

Choosing to take your photos off your computer and put them into your daily life will be one of the best ways to keep memories alive, have a back up, and enjoy all of your memories. You’re not alone if you have a difficult time doing this. I am constantly having to remind myself of the same thing:-)If I’m going to write about it, I have to do it! Here’s a list of some companies to try:

  • (for easy photo books)
  • postalpix (an app that you can use to print photos from your phone)
  • (good for printing photos you’d like to display)
  • (album of your social media photos)
  • (a little bit of everything)

You can do it! If you have any sites that you love, please share in the comments. I’m always looking for new/fun things to try!

Photo books from Shutterfly – 


Instagram photos from PostalPix –

Instagram Photos


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