Spring is here….full of green grass, flowers, sun & rain. Maybe even the sun & rain at the same time:-)I met the Whiting Family (with their adorable daughter) this past weekend at Juanita Bay Park. The weather couldn’t have been better & people were out in full force! We spent a little bit of time dodging people on the boardwalk, but everyone took it in stride:-)

Lyla was such a cutie! She couldn’t take her eyes off of the flower (and/or dandelions :-). And thank you mom & dad for being so laid back. Such a great session! Enjoy the photos!

Whiting 2015-12_whiting blog


Whiting 2015-22_whiting blogWhiting 2015-25_whiting blog

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These days, its very common to take and see pictures that never leave a screen or digital format. Even with your professional photo session, you put a few of the images on the wall, but still have so many that you love, but don’t have a way to display.  Add to that,  social media makes it easy to share and view pictures, so why print right? The only problem is, social media platforms and technology are always upgrading and changing, leaving our favorite moments and photographs with them! Remember the good old days of photo albums? The things our parents & grandparents had stacked on the bookshelves? That’s the answer! Let’s take it old school…..with a new  twist of course:-)

Photo books don’t have to be difficult. They can range anywhere from simple to more involved & complex. It’s completely up to you on which direction you take (of if you’re me, you do a little bit of everything). Here’s a couple of examples:

  1. The more traditional photo album – simply print your photos & place them in the pockets (don’t forget to write the date & possibly even the people’s names that are in the photos). Future generations will thank you. I created this one for the past year because I started missing the “old school” albums.  I purchased the album here & then printed the photos every couple of months (to keep it up to date)!
  2. Photo book created in an online program – there are a TON of options out there these days. They can range from the archival quality, very expensive to the basic version you could create through Costco. I am somewhere in the middle & have used Shutterfly each year to create books for my kids. They have a system that let’s me get a scrapbook feel (almost), but all online! This one is a little more labor intense (creatively), but worth it.
  3. Photo books created directly from your phone! We all have a ton of these photos, right? Chatbooks takes almost all of the work out of creating books. They will automatically make a book for you! Seriously something to check out! It is on my list to try. Looks easy:-)

Whatever you choose, just have fun with it! Enjoy & let me know what you come up with:-)

Best, Angie


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Spring is here….crazy weather….sun, rain, wind & more sun! Baseball, soccer, lacrosse, track, dance….you name it! Life is busy!!!! We’ve been trying to schedule the Sparks family session for the past YEAR! This is one of the busiest families I know. Finally we were able to get together & capture this awesome family (one of my very, very, very favorites)! They are always quick to laugh, lots of sibling jokes & so much fun to hang out with:-)Thanks for a great session Sparks family!

A little then & now to start out:-)

2012 September 063_sparksSeptember 2012 049 copy_sparksSparks 2015-50_sparksSparks 2015-61_sparksSparks 2015-62_sparksSparks 2015-76_sparks

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All of you moms out there….this is for you! I truly believe that it is time for all of us to be in more of our family photos (not to mention jus the every day documentation of our lives). We have a special bond with our kids that is unique to anything else you will experience in life. How about showcasing that? Even if the photos are just for you? Click the slideshow below for extra inspiration!

Mom & Me Mini Session 2015

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