Happy 7th Birthday to my Little Guy!

Can it really be SEVEN years? No…. It can’t be??? He’s my baby & my baby can’t really be 7? I had really wanted a boy (once we already had are little girl) to round out our family. Once I found out (at the 5 month check-up because I have no patience) that we really were going to have a boy, I started to worry a little bit. I knew what to do with a girl. I could play dolls, dress-up, do hair & color. What was I going to do with a boy? What would we talk about? Would I have to play army men, football & read stories about things other than princess’?  Potty training was going to be TOTALLY different!

Well….it’s been SEVEN years and my worries came true. I have played army men (I still don’t really understand the fascination) & FLAG football (I don’t like to be “tackled down” as Tanner would put it). I’ve also learned more about animals than I really thought possible. Between all of the animal books we read & documentaries, I might be considered an expert:-)Oddly enough the potty training was much easier? Nobody could’ve guessed that one! I guess what I’m saying is that it is totally different than having our daughter, but wonderful in it’s own way. He loves to cuddle, is quick to say “I LOVE YOU”, has a unique sense of style & makes me laugh every day. He’s his own little person & I’m so happy that he’s part of our family! Happy Birthday TannerMan! I LOVE YOU!


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