New Blog . . . . . New Year!

It’s that time of year & I’ve been needing to make some changes! Okay, I realize it’s the LAST day of January and that most people tackle their resolutions right away, but what can I say? I’m one of those people that have tons of ideas, but it takes me awhile to act on them (I truly wish I was more of a “doer). My new blog is just one of my many projects for the new year & hopefully I’ll have some success in achieving them. This project sounded simple enough, but I have spent more than enough hours trying to figure it out! As much as I love what computers & technology can do for me, I have no idea how it all works. The poor customer service people @ GoDaddy & PhotoBiz are going to stop taking my calls. Between my sheer stupidity & that they have to listen to my kids doing who knows what in the background, I’m sure they’ve had enough:-)Oh well…. we can’t all be technologically savvy:-)

Now…. on with the blog. My other goal is to post more often in 2011 (so the 3 people that follow my blog will have more to read:-)Okay – maybe only 2 “followers” – my mom & husband (maybe). I’ll try to at least include 1 photo with each post, so here goes.

A rustic old boat up at semiahmoo. I just love the colors & textures. We’ve taken photos in front of the boat, but I thought the boat alone was a cool shot as well (and a good photo for my guest bathroom:-)

  • Kristi - This is such a good picture! Well, they all are, but I love the simplicity of this…and can totally see it in a bathroom! P.S. There are more than 2 people looking! :)ReplyCancel

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