The Beauty of Black & White {Kirkland Family Photographer}

Photography is an art in which style changes quickly, and commonalities change frequently. It seems like the one constant in photography style is black and white- which is a way to remove the style and leave the moment. Many people refer to black and white as “timeless”, this is because when you take out the color of a photo, it takes your focus off of what the subject is wearing, the stylistic aspects of the photo, and can really help bring attention to the emotion and the feel of a picture, rather than details that will soon become irrelevant. Black and White pictures are an excellent choice for display in houses, because the beauty of them seem to last longer, and the importance of the picture seems to be boosted because the focus is on what matters. So the next time you want a picture that is already important to you to last longer-put it in black and white to create a memory that you can love even longer.


Metz 2014-12 bw

1976-dad & angie bw

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